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Course of the Sun Organic Hoodie-Black


280 G/m2

80%  Organic Cotton, pre-shrunk, ring-spun and combed .  20% Polyester (Recycled)

Pockets placed in side seams

Sleeves made by screenprint technique. Embroidery Chest.

The sun makes its way through the darkness in triumph on its journey through the astral houses. After passing this winter solstice, it begins its “rebirth” after ending the longest night of the year, it begins to lengthen its hours until it reaches its point of greatest light in summer.
The sun course sweatshirt has been made carefully with love and on a limited run. Produced with organic materials with the sun embroidered, all in reference to the adventure through the different houses through which it advances on the journey….Sol invictus

made with love.


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