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Artists Series Griptape – Ken Posk Collaboration


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*The sword (Ken)
The main attribute of Fudô Myô-ô is the sword that he carried in his right hand, the yang aspect of the technique that allows the penetration of the truth and of the Being. His name precisely symbolises this discovery because Myô-ô means: “The radiance of knowledge, that destroys the darkness of ignorance ”. Thats why the secret name is “The eternal and unchanging Diamond”, the expression of the high consciousness called MU-GA, the egoless, mindless consciousness.

The sword or Ken, represents in this case the victory of the real being over the egotistical non-being. The tip shows the perfect concentration, the cutting part the pure discrimination between the pairs of opposites. The mind remains as the wedding receptacle (the soul), and it’s intuition is such that it can penetrate the innermost heart of the doctrine awakening. The sword or ken becomes Eken, the sword of wisdom or emptiness. This sword is sometimes surrounded by a Dragon in an upright position, representing the spine (the path or Dô) through which this mysterious force (the Dragon) rises, called by the Hindu yogis: “Kundalini Serpent”. When this power is awakened and raised to the brain, man becomes a master, achieving his goal. The consequence of this fusion of the fire of the Dragon with the fire of the Spirit is the dissolution of the ego and the perception of reality as emptiness, resulting in this abstract understanding of the nature of reality. It is the SATORI, during which consciousness realizes unity and harmony with the universe (WA) For such a person, life and death have the same meaning (Seishi-ichinyô) The sword is fundamentally the emblem of the victory of the knowledge about ignorance, as it cuts the knot of the most complex problems.

*Probably one of the best quality griptape in the market

*Cares for your shoes and enables you to land all those hammers that you never thought you could!

Size: 33*9 (83,82 cm x 22,86cm)